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NAIROBI Women's Davon Godchaux Jersey , Jan. 10 (Xinhua) -- Athletics Kenya (AK) will start conducting out of competition doping tests in a bid to stem the vice among Kenyans athletes.

AK has also has instructed agents to provide blood profiles of their athletes on regular basis or as when required by the medical and Anti-doping commission.

AK president Isaiah Kiplagat said they will register afresh all athletes and require that they seek clearance from his office before they travel abroad to compete in a bid to keep track of their activities.

AK also introduced new 11 policies intended to help curb the doping menace in the country.

"The federation has increased the number of tests that will be conducted during the competitions beginning this month and that will depend on the level of event like in the national or regional where not less than 12 tests will be done.

"We want to be as fast as possible to catch the athletes locally and avoid the embarrassment when they test positive out of the country. Doping tests will be done randomly in addition to winners," the AK boss added.

The new competition rules will also see the road running commission led by the federation vice president David Okeyo, ensure all events are licensed, registration of athletes and coaches by March to control the mushrooming of events that may led an athlete take prohibited substances.

"All race organizers have been informed that they will only be given licenses upon provision of the anti-doping plan and budget of the same. In addition athletes will only be paid their prize money once the doping results have been released," said Kiplagat.

"All athletes therefore, must be registered and issued with a license number which is distinct. This license number will be used in all competitions both locally and internationally to identify and track an athlete."

AK will also register all coaches and educate athletes on the need to compete clean and remain drug free. This comes in the wake of over 30 athletes testing positive to doping in 2014 Women's Chase Allen Jersey , which is double the number of cheats caught in the last decade.

AK will also hold a meeting with all the agents on Feb. 13 and this will be followed by a seminar that will be conducted by IAAF.

Athletics Kenya is also conducting an audit to determine the number of athletes who have had cases of doping and under whose management they fall.

All athletes will also have to enhance their biological passports, a blood sample testing, which will be monitored to see if there is any drastic change in hemoglobin formation.

"AK is partnering with the relevant and accredited centers to enhance this monitoring process. This process will be linked to the already existing program handled by IAAF and WADA," said Kiplagat.

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2018-04-20 06:56:44



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