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Musical act The Chopstick Brothers arrive at the 42nd American Music Awards in Los Angeles Nazair Jones Jersey , California November 23, 2014.
China's Internet singing sensation Chopstick Brothers won the international song of the year award at the American Music Awards on Nov 24.

After South Korea's Psy, whose performed Gangnam Style two years ago, Chopstick Brothers is the second musicial group from Asia to perform on the stage of AMA.

Fans and YouKu, who introduced Chopstick Brothers to the world Delano Hill Jersey , were celebrating. On the contrary, many are skeptical about the entire event.

Did they lip-sync?

Many internet users criticized Chopstick Brothers for lip-synching at the AMAs and called it a "shame."

Xiao Yang, a member of Chopstick Brothers, did not deny the rumor.

"Little Apple is a dance number so we must dance and sing at the same time. If we did it live, we would run out of breath Shaquill Griffin Jersey , as we are not professional singers."

"Our dancing skills are limited and the moves were changed quite a lot in the rehearsals to fit the timing schedules of the show. So we decided it's better to lip-sync," Wang said.

Still an event worth celebrating

The duo performed the song not during the live broadcast but during the commercials. They also didn't receive their awards onstage and instead got them backstage when they finished performing.

"Even if it's a fill-in performance during the commercials, and even if they did not receive their awards in front of the audience, this is still the first time for Chinese musicians to attend the AMA, and that's exciting Ethan Pocic Jersey ," reviewer Liang Huan said.

Criticisms and praises

User FanKe: "Old Boy, another song by Chopstick Brothers, had more content and resonated with listeners. Where is that resonance in Little Apple?"

Music reviewer Qiu Yu: "Going international is definitely progress, but I hope they don't aim for instant success before creating excellence. Winning awards abroad cannot compare to winning the hearts of listeners for 10, or 20 years. If such songs continue to go abroad Malik McDowell Jersey , it is a disaster for music."

User YuanZhe: "I support them. If Gangnam Style can, why can't Little Apple?"


NEW DELHI, Nov. 27 (Xinhua) -- In a daring jailbreak, 10 armed men dressed in police uniforms broke into a prison in the northern Indian state of Punjab on Sunday and freed a militant commander and four other gangsters.

""The armed men stormed Nabha jail in Punjab early this morning, fired over 100 rounds of bullets and freed militant outfit Khalistan Liberation Force's chief Harminder Singh Mintoo and five other dreaded gangsters,"" a senior police official said.

The Khalistan Liberation Force is an insurgent group that is part of the Khalistan movement to create a Sikh homeland via armed struggle.

The 47-year-old Mintoo, who was arrested by police from Delhi airport in November 2014, is an accused in multiple terror-related cases across India. Others are well-known criminals mostly involved in running criminal gangs, the official said.

A massive manhunt has been launched to track down the five who escaped from the jail, the official said, adding a huge contingent of police force has also been sent to the area.

""Police checkpost have been set up in nearby areas too,"" he added.

This is the second major jailbreak recently. Last Month, eight ""highly dangerous"" members of the banned Islamist group Students' Islamic Movement of India escaped from a high-security jail in the central city of Bhopal. Hours later, police killed them in a gun battle.

" Today, an increasing number of tourists are selecting to see China, with less limitations empowering them to fulfil a life's wish. The southwestern state of Sichuan is a popular destination for the ethnic variety, lengthy history and intimacy to the Tibetan Plateau and the spectacular Himalayan range. Sichuan State is a well-known destination for the diverseness of historical culture Doug Baldwin Jersey , ethnicities and organic attractions together with its laid back lifestyle, epitomised in its capital city, Chengdu, an amazing mixture of high-rises and conventional residences and temples.

Chengdu is among China's most habitable cities for the encompassing agricultural country-side of the Red River-Basin and its slower speed of occasions, its several verdant spaces Richard Sherman Jersey , its ethnic buildings and existence. The town's teahouses are the spot to while observing the world, conversing with pals and away a day drinking aromatic Chinese tea go by, with eventide than there are in Shanghai taken care of by nightclubs and more pubs! Daytrips in the city show the distant Tibetan Plateau, nationwide parks and, an hour's drive-away Marshawn Lynch Jersey , the stunning Himalayan foothills, entry to the planet's tallest summits and ancient townships.

Two of the most great visitor locations in and simply outside township are the excavation at the planet and the Sanxingdui pits -renowned Giant Panda Breeding Research Base. The most significant finds for 30 years, the unusual but spectacular gold masks, jade carvings, bronzes and resources excavated here have since toured the globe's most significant museums Steve Largent Jersey , showing a late ShangWestern Zhou tradition more than 3,000 years aged which unexpectedly finished when its spiritual and royal treasures were dropped into the pits and sealed around. Everyone who sees Chengdu additionally sees the Panda emphasizing conservation of their launch and the endangered species into their organic habitat and Breeding center, residence to 60 of the earth's favorite bears. Panda breakfast-time at 0930 is the greatest time to see them, and there is an interesting museum as properly.

Wuhuo and Wenshu temples and the famed complex of little temples and pavilions on the site of the revered 8th century classical poet Du Fu's original thatched bungalow are all must sees, and Wangjian To. Cheap Grizzlies Jerseys   Cheap Clippers Jerseys   Cheap Boston Celtics Jerseys   Cheap Cleveland Cavaliers Jerseys   Wholesale Bulls Jerseys   Wholesale Bucks Jerseys   Wholesale Thunder Jerseys   Wholesale Wizards Jerseys   Wholesale Warriors Jerseys   Wholesale Phoenix Suns Jerseys



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