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A staff member puts the 'Macdonald' viola made by Italian artisan Antonio Stradivari in 1719 Bruno Fernandes World Cup Jersey , on a stand during a preview before Sotheby's Spring Sales at Sotheby's gallery in Hong Kong April 4, 2014. The rare Stradivari viola, considered to be one of the finest in existence, is expected to fetch more than $45 million in a sealed bids sale this spring, which would set a world record for the most expensive musical instrument ever sold. [PhotoAgencies]
An antique violin made by Italian famous luthier Antonio Stradivari was purchased by a Chinese collector recently at a sky high price in New York Bruno Alves World Cup Jersey , according to the newspaper Beijing Youth Daily.

It means that the Chinese mainland has one of the world's most expensive violins. The collector says that each outstanding performer in China can get the chance to play this violin.

The instrument was made in 1727 by Antonio Stradivari (1644-1737), who was one of the most prestigious luthiers in the world. He made thousands of musical instruments, such as violin, viola and cello throughout his lifetime. His existing instruments are increasingly expensive due to preciousness. Stradivari's instruments are the world's finest which performers yearn for.

The violin was purchased in 1994 by an American couple who are art philanthropists, and the Chinese collector got in contact with them and expressed his wish to take the violin to China. He said that Bernardo Silva World Cup Jersey , although China has numerous violin talents, they don't have the opportunity to access to world's top musical instruments, which is a pity for such a big country.

The collector, whose name is not known to the public, authorized an international auction company in Hong Kong to help him with the purchase.

Experts say that the purchase of the violin has made China a big country in the collection of famous instruments Anthony Lopes World Cup Jersey , following the US, Britain, Switzerland and Japan. Some experts predict that in the next 30 years, China will see a rapid momentum in the expansion of instrument collection.

by Chrispinus Omar

NAIROBI, Dec. 4 (Xinhua) -- Kenyan leaders from northern region on Thursday vowed to fully support all actions by government to secure peace and protect citizens against the threats of terror.

A statement issued in Nairobi after a meeting between the leaders and President Uhuru Kenyatta said the leaders Andre Silva World Cup Jersey , including senators, governors and lawmakers, called for strong action to reduce the threats posed by Al-Shabaab terrorists to the country.

"We are giving our commitment to support any action the government takes to bring law and order," said Mandera County Governor Ali Roba.

The second Mandera massacre happened on Tuesday in which 36 people were killed by Al-Shabaab militants, who also claimed responsibility for the killing of 28 people in November in the county.] Speaking in Nairobi Andre Gomes World Cup Jersey , Mandera governor said the tactic by the terrorists to target non-Muslims was a plot to create conflict between Kenyan communities.

He urged Kenyans not to be divided by the evil which the terrorists are propagating. "The best we can do right now is to stand together as Kenyans," Roba said, adding the terrorists do not represent Muslims and are criminals who are fighting all Kenyans.

Lawmaker Mohamed M Mohamud, who is also the chairman of the Mandera political leaders' forum, said the war being waged by terrorists was not against Christians alone but against all Kenyans.

"They claim they are killing in the name of religion but this is not true. We affirm our commitment to work with Government to deal with these criminals Adrien Silva World Cup Jersey ," he said.

This comes after Deputy President William Ruto admitted on Wednesday that the second Mandera attack in which 36 quarry workers were killed by Al-Shabaab "was a failure on our part as a government", noting however that the quarry workers had been asked to move to a safer place.

"I wish the government would have forced the workers to move out of that mining area, however, we will still make legal and structural changes to improve the security system in our country," Ruto said.

Ruto assured that the government is tackling the insecurity situation in the country and will make use of all resources available.

He said the government is working with Amisom partners to secure Kenya's borders William Carvalho Portugal Jersey , saying incompetence in the government will not be tolerated. He also said that the government is reorganizing the country's security agencies.

Ruto said Kenyans share the responsibility of making the country safe for all. "There are matters that go beyond individuals, there are moments that we need to stand together to defeat our enemies," he said.

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