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Maillot Raphael Varane France

The office is one of the most neglected areas when it comes to cleaning. When people do not have that cleaning guy coming in regularly in the office Truitjes Toby Alderweireld WK 2018 , the office desks tend to accumulate dirt endlessly until it is decided to do a major cleaning. Even if you hire janitorial services, chances are that not all parts of your desk had been cleaned. The keyboard may still be harbouring dirt and the computer screen may not have been wiped thoroughly. It doesn’t matter if the office is a regular office space or a home office. Office spaces need to be kept clean to prevent germs from piling up and causing unwanted diseases. By following some simple cleaning tips, you do not have to depend on a cleaning guy to keep your office tidy.

To keep the office always clean and free from harmful germs, a regular cleaning habit should be established. You can help remind yourself to dedicate a few minutes for cleaning by putting a note on your desktop. Computers and other electronic equipment are the most common items in an office. These machines accumulate dirt easily and should be regularly cleaned with Cleaning Supplies specifically made for electronics. Developing a habit for cleaning will make it a regular routine for you that you would not even have to think about it.

While developing the good habit of regularly cleaning the office, be mindful to also get rid of bad habits such as eating in front of your computer. Sometimes, we just find it hard to leave work unattended that we do everything we can while facing the computer screen. Eating in front of the computer, no matter how careful you are Truitjes Nacer Chadli WK 2018 , can easily leave crumbs and small food pieces on your computer’s keyboard and desk. This could attract pests like cockroaches and mice to your office desk.

In line with making a good habit to regularly clean the office space, make sure to clean the office once a week in the least. Equip yourself with a good amount of Cleaning Supplies Brisbane for the desk, computer screen, keyboard, printer, paper stackers and the desk itself. Be sure to find good quality cleaners that are not harmful to people’s health and not harsh in odour. Use a soft microfiber cloth in cleaning your computer monitor. The keyboards are best cleaned with compressed air and a disinfecting solution dabbed around the keys.

Once in every month, it would be good to clean the furniture in the office. Using effective cleaning solution Truitjes Dedryck Boyata WK 2018 , wipe clean the desks, book shelves and document stackers in the office space.

Cleaning the office may seem like a simple task, yet it is often neglected as people tend to need more time to finish work. But this cleaning process is important to keep the work environment amenable to people’s health and wellbeing.

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 11 (Xinhua) -- On a normal day, in a conventional scenario, teenagers are consumers of technology, most likely mobile information devices Truitjes Mousa Dembele WK 2018 , being addicted to games or social media.

However, on Thursday evening, in the 2017 Technovation World Pitch Summit, at a Mountain View site in Silicon Valley, Northern California, 12 teams of girls from nine countries or regions were technology creators presenting their mobile applications, or apps.

The girls Truitjes Thomas Meunier WK 2018 , age 11 to 18, were finalists among what Iridescent, a science education nonprofit organization based in the United States, claimed to be an estimated total of 11,000 girls who worked around the world in teams and with mentors this year to learn and apply technology to solve problems in their communities.

While Technovation is a tech entrepreneurship program for girls from Iridescent, projects competing in the event are required to address at least one issue within the focus areas of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: poverty reduction, quality education Truitjes Dries Mertens WK 2018 , good health and well-being, climate action, peace and justice or gender equality.

Of about 1,100 apps submitted for the competition, one was built by a team of five girls from Kenya, a country in East Africa, who call themselves the Restorers.

Their app Truitjes Koen Casteels WK 2018 , iCut, aims to reach girls who have undergone female genital mutilation (FGM) and those at risk of the cruel practice, enabling those in imminent danger to hit a panic button, victims to get help and others to report FGM cases.

Another app, known as Cambodia Identity Product, or CIP, provides a platform for uploading and disseminating information about Cambodian products and Cambodian culture.

The five girls from the Southeastern Asian country took the stage and told the audience Truitjes Simon Mignolet WK 2018 , during their one-minute final pitch at the Thursday evening event, that they want to help fight poverty, develop economy, promote employment in their country.

A team from Kazakhstan presented QamCare, with Qam originating from a Kazakh word which means "care and support." The app is designed to help users keep track of their loved ones, and allow the retrieval of the last location of a person in case of emergency.

Noting that thousands of people are missing in recent years in their Central Asian country, the girls behind the app said they intend to make it available to everyone.

QamCare was awarded the grand prize in the senior division of the competition.

Celine Mung Truitjes Eden Hazard WK 2018 , 13, and her teammates from Hong Kong, a special administrative region of China, brought an app known as DCC, short for Dementia Care Companion. It provides dementia patients with personalized trainings and games to help them maintain their abilities to interact with loved ones.

For her and Michael Nip, the five-member team's coach, the experience of developing the software is personal Truitjes Romelu Lukaku WK 2018 , as they both personally know somebody suffering from the decline in mental ability, with memory loss as a common symptom.

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2018-06-20 06:50:04



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