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History of skiing
The word ski comes from ancient Norwegian word skith. That means snow shoe, the skis shaped like a narrow canoe.
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Skiing?s benefits
Among all the outdoor sports, skiing is a sport that is good for your health and mind.
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How to choose skiing equipment
Skiing equipment includes skis Nikolaj Ehlers Jets Jersey , ski pole, fixer, ski boots, skiwear, helmet Bryan Little Jets Jersey , goggles and so on. Usually there are equipments for rent in ski fields. You can rent some.
There are different skis with different prices. Usually skis are made of wood, glass or metal. Wood skis are light and cheap. However, they will be out of shape when they get wet. Therefore you have to smear special oil before you use them. Glass skis are for all kinds of snowfields, but they are relatively expensive. You can use metal skis on deep snow or surface of ice. At present, the skis made of material mixed by these 3 materials are popular.
Beginners should use elastic Jacob Trouba Jets Jersey , short and light skis with big heads.
Ski pole helps you keep balance. You should choose light and solid ski poles suitable for yourself.
Fixer can help you prevent hurts in skiing. Fixer sets ski boots on the skis. When skier falls down, fixer will get loose quickly.
Skiwear should be practical. They should be thermal, windproof and comfortable. You can move freely within them. Professional skiwear has a good quality, but it is expensive. Practical common clothes are OK.
Ski boots should be thermal and suitable. Thermal, suitable and waterproof ski boots are OK for beginners. You?d better choose short boots so that your ankles can move freely.
Tinted spectacles are necessary. There is strong reflected sunshine on the snowfields. You must wear tinted spectacles to prevent your eyes. Glasses with plastic frame are safe. Yellow and brown lens are better.
Where to find excellent skiing equipments
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