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Nearly three quarters of a million successful births happen every year in the UK Old Skool Sale , bringing so much happiness to new parents. Sadly though, there are some occasions when child births do not go to plan. Accidents can happen that can be somewhat traumatic for the people involved.

Many of these accidents could have been avoided if it wasn’t for medical negligence or the incompetence of the hospital staff involved. Sometimes, correct procedures are not carried out and it can result in damage that can be the basis for birth injury claims.

There are some occasions when a birth injury can occur but nobody is at fault. E.g. birth complications may be caused when a baby is unusually large or is born prematurely. However, many injuries are due to mistakes made by hospital staff. On these occasions, the parents involved with the birth have the right to make birth injury claims to compensate for the damages and suffering they have been put through.

The are two categories that birth injury claims fall into. These are injury caused to the baby, and injury to the mother.

Injuries to the baby can include brachial plexus Old Skool Shoes , facial palsy, cerebral palsy, ruptured placenta, arm fractures, brain damage, eye infections Old Skool Flames , spinal injuries and hypoglycaemia. Injuries to the mother can include vaginal tears, fissures, infections and incorrect suturing after an episiotomy.

If an injury is caused to the mother or the baby, then the obstetrician or the midwives present at the delivery might be held responsible. Birth injuries may be caused because medical staff failed to assess unusual conditions, or that they failed to diagnose or react to hypertension. Also, if the medical staff chose not to perform a Caesarian when they should have Old Skool Platform , this can also be the basis for birth injury claims.

All medical professionals are obliged to act with due diligence in all situations. If they fail to do this, birth injury claims can be made against them on the grounds of medical negligence.

There a two elements to birth injury claims. The first is ‘general damages’. This is to compensate for the pain and suffering you experienced as a result of the birth complications. This also covers any loss of amenity you may suffer as part of your birth injury, such as being unable to walk or run properly.

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2018-11-08 03:07:13



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