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Got the Career Blues? Step Outside the Box! Business Articles | September 21 Reilly Smith Golden Knights Jersey , 2004
You have ... to publish this article ... or inprint as long as the resource box is ... Please notify meof ... by sending a website link or copy of ... to cl

You have permission to publish this article electronically or in
print as long as the resource box is included. Please notify me
of publication by sending a website link or copy of your
publication to claudette@metavoice.org.

Word Count: 511

Thanks, Claudette Rowley

Got the Career Blues? Step Outside the Box!
Claudette Rowley
Copyright 2004

"Above all to thine own self be true."
- William Shakespeare

Clients often come to me saying that they want to change careers
or jobs, although they have no idea what they want to do. Most
of us look for a new job or career through a specific lens or
paradigm, that limits the scope of possibilities considerably.
Here are some ideas to widen your view, and strategies to help
you step "outside the box."

- If you are currently employed, how does your current position
make you feel? Valued? Uncomfortable? Competent?
Incompetent? Excited? Depressed? How have you felt in past

- What do you like and not like about your current position? If
you're not employed Colin Miller Golden Knights Jersey , think back to previous jobs. Make a list
of "likes" and "don't likes." Next, expand your list of what
you like to include ALL of your skills, abilities and talents.
If you're an accountant who likes to garden, put gardening on
your list.

- Notice your energy levels when you are doing your job or
specific tasks you undertake in the rest of your life. Observe
which tasks energize you and which drain your energy. Energy
is a KEY indicator of life satisfaction and fulfillment. And
noticing your energy helps you to connect with your body and
its messages.

- While you're in the initial "What do I want to do?" stage, take
MONEY out of the equation. Considering money as a factor is
the fastest way to quash any dreams, passions or aspirations
that might rise to the surface. I hear this from clients all
the time. "Well Deryk Engelland Golden Knights Jersey , I have to make money. I have a mortgage to
pay, kids to support. I couldn't possibly run off and write
novels on the beach." Yes, you need to have money. And once
you've identified what you want to do, then you can find ways
to make it work with your financial needs.

- Be alert for ideas that are quickly followed by "This is
crazy!" Or notice yourself telling someone, "I know this
sounds crazy, but...." So called "crazy" ideas are often sure
signs that you're on the right track Marc-Andre Fleury Golden Knights Jersey , that you've uncovered an
idea or value or passion that resonates deeply with you.

- Other questions: What does my gut tell me? What do I need to
be honest with myself about?

Career changes are often indicators that something deeper within
us is attempting to emerge, that we are ready to grow and
change. Don't be surprised if a career transition or the quest
for one heralds changes in other parts of your life or causes
you to examine them from a different perspective. For example,
you may feel immense gratitude for what you have. Or you may
stand up for the first time and say "I'm not going to take this
anymore!" Since we don't operate in a vacuum, one change will
affect the next. And that domino effect is often the best thing
that's ever happened to you. Article Tags: Step Outside

How to Cure Over Masturbation Effects, Weakness And Fatigue? Health Articles | July 22, 2012
Habit of excessive hand practice is a serious threat for the health. It is a faulty habit that weakens every part of the body James Neal Golden Knights Jersey , due to which one has to suffer from constant illnesses.

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Nevertheless, the side effects of excessive hand practice are uncountable. But Authentic Alex Tuch Jersey , many experts consider that, weakness of nerves is one of the most common side effects of excessive hand practice. Moreover, weakness of nerves affects each and every organ of the body, due to which suffering person has to suffer from several problems, for example heart problems. Nonetheless, weakness of immune system is another side effect of excessive hand practice. Furthermore Authentic Nate Schmidt Jersey , every person whose immune system is compromised has to suffer from constant illnesses which are caused by viral, bacterial, or fungal infections.

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