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SOFIA Ivan Provorov Jersey , March 22 (Xinhua) -- Bulgaria has activated its national counter-terrorism plan immediately after receiving information about the blasts in Brussels, the country's Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Rumiana Bachvarova said here on Tuesday.

There is currently no information about any direct threat to Bulgaria but the country has taken necessary preventive measures, Bachvarova said at a press conference.

The country raised the level of security in all national transport facilities including airports, railway stations and ports, as well as metro stations in Sofia, she said.

Meanwhile Jakub Voracek Jersey , the authorities conducted security checks on key sites in the capital and enhanced border control, Bachvarova said.

Later on Tuesday, the authorities will conduct a large scale anti-terrorism drill in Sofia.

""It was planned two months ago to check the readiness to respond to an emergency situation, and unfortunately coincided with today,"" she said.

Speaking about the explosions in Brussels, Bachvarova said that the situation is highly alarming Shayne Gostisbehere Jersey , and the danger is high for all European countries.

Bulgaria considered the attacks near the European institutions as a clear provocation to European security, the official said.

The number of people killed in the Brussels subway train explosion on Tuesday now stands at 20, with another 106 passengers injured, the city's mayor Yvan Mayeur told a press conference.

Among the dead, 14 were killed in a suicide attack at Brussels national airport, Belgian public broadcaster RTBF said.

" "

URUMQI Claude Giroux Jersey , Feb. 11 (Xinhua) -- Dumplings, indispensable at lunar new year dinners in north China were already served 1,700 years ago in China's far west.

According to an archaeologist from the Museum of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the three dumplings unearthed in the region's Turpan area were determined to have been made during the Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties (220-589).

Archaeologists also found two complete dumplings made during the Tang Dynasty (618-907) in Turpan. The dumplings were 5 centimeters long Wayne Simmonds Jersey , 1.5 cm wide and resembled the new moon in shape. Further research revealed the dumpling wrappers were made from wheat flour and the stuffing was meat.

Archaeologists said the findings show the eating habits, which used to be prevalent in China's central plains, had spread to the west at a very early time.

Even in today's China, many believe eating dumplings will bring fortune, because the food resembles ""yuan bao,"" a boat-shaped gold ingot that was used as currency in the past.


Clean up. Remove acne from your face. Make use of a light moisturizer that is oil free and contains SPF Fifteen or higher. If you have redness from Rosacea use Aveeno Extremely Calming facial wash and moisturizer Nolan Patrick Jersey , it works wonders. And also wash your hair every other day, unless you are a victim of dry hair andor head. You should ask a professional hair stylist to suggest products to keep your locks healthy. You want hair to look clean, wholesome, and shiny…not oily and gross or dry as well as brittle.

Try opting for that fresh summer time look, but DO NOT cake it on. Makeup is made to enhance your organic features, not include them. Eyeliner adds definition to your eyes. Choose a natural as well as subtle shade Throwback Philadelphia Flyers Jerseys , such as brown, to create a purely neutral look. If you want your neutral look to be a bit bolder, try adding a thin line of black eyeliner. If you really need eyeshadow, which brightens up your eyes, make it natural and light. Attempt making it a champagne or brown color for that natural look. Mascara really opens up your eyes and makes your lashes super pretty. Also, add some obvious lip gloss to enhance your lips. Don’t put on shocking colors throughout the day. Stay pretty natural during the day and play it up during the night. For those who have pimples or other face irritation Custom Philadelphia Flyers Jerseys , use an acne formula that won’t dry out your skin. If your mother and father don’t let you wear makeup, then you are probably really pretty without it.

Try your perfumes (if you have them), and find out what makes you feel greatest. Also, you can try scented body lotions, or even body splashes. You will probably desire a refreshing smell. Spray yourself once or twice on your wrist (it is not a good idea to rub your arms together because it can change the scent), and then onto your elbows and neck. That creates an indication of scent Authentic Philadelphia Flyers Jerseys , which is sexy. To make the actual perfume last longer, stroke a dab of petroleum jello on the ‘hot spots’ of your body after which spray the fragrance, so the scent will have something to cling to. Hot spots are places that generate lots of heat and assist the perfume smell stronger (located on the inner-wrist, crease associated with elbow, below the neck and over the chest, behind the ears Philadelphia Flyers Jerseys For Sale , and at the rear of the knee). You may also spray perfume on your brush before brushing it through the hair to give it a nice fragrance. However, do NOT squirt it directly into hair. Most perfumes include alcohol that will harm your fragile locks.

Body language says a lot! Stand up straight. Let others know that a person respect yourself, and they will follow your lead. Plus, it has the visual effect associated with smoothing out any kind of bulges that aren’t particularly flattering. Posture is essential and can make you look more attractive. Standing or sitting slumped burns fewer calories from fat then sitting or even standing up straight.

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DIDI needs to provide documents to clarify its responsibilities and liabilities with Bluegogo and offer a detailed operation plan to the Shenzhen transportation authority for review before it is allowed to operate its bike-sharing business in the city.

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