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Macular Degeneration And How It May Affect Your Eyes November 1 Cheap Joe Panik Jersey , 2013 | Author: Armand Zeiders | Posted in Business
Our eyesight is of utmost importance because our daily activities greatly depend on it, not to mention our enjoyment of life. Eye diseases and disorders are very common which sometimes makes keeping our eyesight safe a challenging task. Macular degeneration is one eye disorder that is considered an age-related condition. Adults aged 60 or older are usually the ones who are suffering from it and this is one of the leading causes of blindness affecting millions of people in the United States. In this disease, the center of our vision field is severely affected.

The center area of our retina is called the macula and this is the part which gets affected and damaged with macular degeneration. To see objects clearly and help in our everyday activities, we need our central vision. People with this type of disease often develop a blind spot or have wavy or blurry vision. However Cheap Evan Longoria Jersey , it is important to consider that this only prevents people from being able to read or recognize faces and that peripheral vision is not affected. While it is not curable, it is not a disease that causes complete blindness.

There are two forms of macular degeneration. One is known as wet macular degeneration and the other is called dry macular degeneration. The first one occurs when abnormal blood vessels behind the retina start to grow and this leads to the leakage of fluid and blood. This should not be overlooked since this can cause serious damage to your eyes and may result to rapid central vision loss. On the other hand, dry macular degeneration happens when the macula simply wears out as a result of the aging process. This is the more common among the two and progresses more slowly compared to the wet form.

This disease is considered to be hereditary which means that there is a larger probability of acquiring it when there is a family history of the disease and there are also other risk factors that are associated with macular degeneration. For example, people who are smokers and those with hypertension Cheap Brandon Belt Jersey , elevated cholesterol or those who are obese or consume a highly fatty diet are considered high risk groups that may have macular degeneration in the future.

One of the several treatments used for this disease today which was made with the help of modern science is a drug called ranibizumab. This is a special type of treatment known as a monoclonal antibody treatment. Ranibizumab is injected once each month into the affected eye. These antibodies then stimulate the patient’s immune system to attack the problem directly forcing an immune response. Only the wet form of the disease is treated with ranibizumab, which was created using custom monoclonal antibodies.

In addition to treatments, people can learn to use their peripheral vision more effectively to compensate for the loss of vision in the center of the vision field. There are also adaptive eyeglass lenses and even special computer screen readers that can help make this disease easier to deal with and have less of an impact.

Armand Zeiders loves blogging regarding biomedical research. For additional details regarding custom monoclonal antibody production service, please visit the PrimmBiotech website now.

The reasons why A Hybrid Ought To Be Your Next Automobile

Due to all of the energy news on the TV or in newspapers Cheap Hunter Pence Jersey , it is hard to miss hearing about hybrid cars. It’s captured the attraction of many famous celebrities. For years many people have been trying to find an automobile the didn’t use gasoline, and now they have found a middle ground. They have come up with hybrids, which run on electricity from a battery, together with gasoline. Many of these hybrid cars have reached big demand as a result of rising gas prices. Numerous celebrities are driving hybrid cars because many of them are big time environmentalists.

Could there be something that popular entertainers know that we don’t? They do recognize that money can be saved as a result of driving a hybrid Cheap Barry Bonds Jersey , and that is what a lot of people need. If you plan to get a hybrid car, there are some things to think about. The best reason to get a hybrid is the amount of money you might save on fuel. The crossbreed compacts, and sedans will save you quite a bit of money over your gas powered turbine engine cars. Nevertheless if you want a bigger car, you can still get a hybrid. You can get a powerful and high performing hybrid car that doesn’t guzzle gas like a regular car.

One more reason to want a crossbreed is that there are numerous ways that a hybrid can save you money. The cost of a hybrid is Cheap Willie Mays Jersey , on average, $3000 higher than a regular car but the prices are dropping. There are numerous ways that you will get savings with a hybrid, like lower fuel costs, federal and state incentives Cheap Giants Hats , and a decrease in maintenance costs. Hybrids keep their value extremely well, so you can make a lot of your money back as soon as you choose to sell it.

High resale value is probably one of the key aspects of getting a hybrid car. If you are interested in the environment, then hybrids are a great car to own due to the fact do not produce much pollution. Therefore in addition to saving money, you will be doing your part to protecting the earth. Lots of people imagine that enough people driving hybrids might stop the war in Iraq sooner. If there was no money in gasoline Cheap Giants Hoodies , there would be no reason to be there.

The next smartest thing in the car world will likely be hybrid cars for all of the previous reasons. When purchasing a different car, make sure you check out the new hybrids and you may find that it is right for you.

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